FAQs for Artists

Do we have to play Live?

Ideally yes, but no you don't need to perform live. As long as the band is hosting the show live, and fans can engage in real time, it's an amazing unrepeatable but rewatchable experience.

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Do we need to book a studio?

Ideally yes, but FNL can be broadcast from anywhere the band is.

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How much does it cost?

Production ranges from $10K - $25K depending on what FNL engagements Artists want to offer fans. Fan Night Live receives 10% of sales it generates from its own marketing channels.

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Who sells tickets?

Ticketing can be done by the Artist, Promoter, Venue or Fan NIght Live.

FanNightLive is home to the TicketCubeTM - the first 3D Interactive NFT Ticket.

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