FanNightLive FanWall Instructions

Welcome to the #FanWall Experience!

You will see a live performance from the venue, in real time. You will be able to react and many people will see (and may hear) your reactions in real time!

1)   Open the link in Google Chrome (PC/Android/Mac)

Please make sure your Web browser is up-to-date.

The link you received must be start with: “

  • Open it with Google Chrome (up-to-date) on a PC, Mac or Android.
  • Open it with Safari up-to-date on iPhone or iPad.

If you are too early

When you click on the url received to connect to the event, if the server is not up and running, you will have the following message displayed. It means you are connecting too early! Try again at the right time.


2)   Allow your Web Browser to use Camera and Microphone

You will receive an alert from your browser to allow to use your audio and video. You must accept it. (Allow)


3)   Make sure to select the right webcam and microphone and ENJOY!

Try to speak in your microphone, you need to see the green vertical bar going up and down.



  • Fans need to restart the device before connecting to the Fanwall
  • Fans need to be sure the device is updated
  • Fans should preferably NOT use a corporate PC (Risk of security restrictions)
  • Fans should close all unnecessary apps (Spotify, Word, Skype, Dropbox , and all unneeded Chrome tabs, etc.)
  • Fans will need a device connected to the internet that can use Google Chrome, the latest version, with headphones connected to that device
  • Mobile devices:
  • If the guest is on an iphone or ipad, the guest must open the url on Safari. Safari must be updated to its latest version (iOS and browser).
  • If the guest is on an Mobile device they need absolutely to

-> select landscape

-> Keep the auto-rotate feature enabled.

-> LTE might be a better option than Wi-Fi.

-> Wear a headset for a better experience.